• Ichiban Japanese Restaurant

    You can expect to find a diverse menu of traditional Japanese teppanyaki, including beef, chicken, and seafood.

    Each dish is expertly prepared using only the freshest ingredients, and we pride ourselves on offering a dining experience that is both authentic and enjoyable.

    Ichiban Japanese Restaurant is the perfect destination for casual lunch or special dinner with friends or family.

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About Ichiban

Ichiban is a Japanese word that translates to "number one" or "the best" in English. In Japanese culture, the word ichiban is often used to describe something that is of the highest quality, or the best in its class.

Ichiban Japanese Restaurant uses the word in our name to convey our commitment providing high-quality and authentic Japanese teppanyaki dining experience.

Previously Yamagata Teppanyaki in Doncaster East, we have enhanced our prized Teppanyaki experience.

Looking for a great Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs? With our customers coming from all over Melbourne, from Werribee in the west, Whittlesea in the north, Seaford in the south east and Traralgon in the outer East, and even some from Melbourne CBD itself, this is surely the place to be!

  • Crazy John

  • Introducing our Legendary Chef Crazy John, also known as "Crazy John"! With over 30 years of Tepanyaki experience under his belt, John is a true master of his craft. His unparalleled skills on the grill will have your taste buds dancing with joy. From mouth-watering meats to fresh seafood and veggies, John can do it all.

    But it's not just about the food with Crazy John. He's also a master of fun and humor! With his charismatic personality and infectious laughter, John will have you smiling from ear to ear as he creates his culinary masterpieces right before your eyes. He'll have you entertained and engaged throughout the entire meal, making your dining experience an unforgettable one.

    So come and join Crazy John for a night of delicious food, laughter, and entertainment! You won't find a more passionate and dedicated chef anywhere else. Get ready to experience a culinary journey like no other with Crazy John!

  • Expect to enjoy a range of dishes, including meats like beef, chicken, and seafood like prawns, scallops, and lobster. Vegetarian options are also available. These dishes are prepared on a large, flat iron griddle or hotplate, called a teppan, in front of customers by skilled chefs who use their impressive culinary skills to chop, flip, and grill the ingredients with precision and flair.

  • We carry on Yamagata’s renowned teppanyaki experience, with a history of over 20 years, and improved our menu to give you an exceptional night.

    Our talented chefs will entertain you with a fiery show of skill, speed, and precision while they cook your meal before your eyes!

    Perfect for a special night out, celebrations, corporate events, or just having an enjoyable meal out with family and friends. A premium experience when only the best will do!

  • Your teppanyaki experience is filled with performance and entertainment.

    Our chefs put on shows for you, showcasing our skills and entertaining you with our impressive tricks and culinary techniques.

    Experience fun and interactive atmosphere that appeals to both adults and children.